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Happy New Run!

on 01/01/2016

It’s been almost a year since our first marathon… and since I last wrote on this blog. There are no excuses—life just happened—but now I’m back!

My last race was a half-marathon at the Run United event last June. Since then, I kind of took a break from running to rest and recharge. I continued doing yoga and I signed up for 360 Fitness, while hubby got into CrossFit. We still ran occasionally but nothing more than a 5-K.

Since the holidays began, we’ve just been eating and eating and eating! And what better time to reboot and start anew than on the first day of the New Year? After more than a month of not running, we finally laced up our running shoes again and hit the road.

After just one kilometer, our muscles were already screaming bloody murder. Our joints and muscles creaked and popped, like they were just starting to wake up from a long slumber. I could feel the blood struggling to pump through my cholesterol-clogged arteries. I had been feeling pain in my left iliotibial band the past week (from my butt cheek all the way down to my knee), possibly from sitting and lounging around too much, and it was actually a relief to move and stretch it out.

We only ran-walked 3.6 kilometers but the struggle was definitely real. Who knew that running 3-K without training could be ALMOST as hard as running a full marathon? It felt good to be back though. And I have no doubt we’ll be back in proper running form soon enough. (We’ve signed up for the Condura half-mary again so we really need to get back in shape!)

Happy New Year, my running friends! May you cross more finish lines in 2016 and flourish in this race called life. —A

2016 New Year

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