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Running with Salomon

on 08/31/2014

My very first pair of hiking shoes was from Salomon. I had just signed up for AMCI mountaineering club and was about to climb my very first mountain. I heard that Salomon was a good brand for hiking and since I wasn’t sure yet if I would really pursue the sport, I opted to get a cheap pair at a warehouse sale. I can’t remember what model it was but it did get me through my first few training climbs in one piece—albeit with a few dead toenails!

Fast forward seven years and I found myself at the starting line of the 2012 Salomon X-Trail race in Tagaytay Midlands. Salomon’s brand manager, Janice Tañada, was my batchmate in AMCI and she invited me to cover the event for Runner’s World.

So that’s not me but I love how this photo captures the beautiful trails we passed during that race. It was challenging but enjoyable. We ran through dirt roads, farmlands, and pine forests, breathing in the cool, fresh air as the early morning fog enveloped us.


Now that’s me crossing the finish line at 2:42. Pretty slow for a 12-K, but I always believed running through trails is an experience to be savored and enjoyed (and captured on camera, too!).


I missed the 2013 edition of the Salomon race because I had an important event to attend that weekend (like, you know, my wedding! LOL!) so I was psyched when I got to join the 2014 X-trail race in Hamilo Coast, Batangas last April. This race was a helluva lot tougher (or maybe I was just out of shape), with runners climbing steep hills within the first kilometer.


This vast expanse of flat land was a welcome respite from all the steep ascents and descents.


We only had about a kilometer to go at this point but that kilometer was a whole stretch of large rocks and boulders. I finished this race in over 3 hours but it was well worth the effort. At the finish line, Roland and I were reunited with a lot of AMCI members and old friends.


It may seem quite daunting, and I’d understand if some people think it’s crazy for us to do this. But for those who want to get into trail running, Salomon has come up with a city trail race, which allows you to experience the joys and challenges of trail running right here in the city. The race is happening on September 7 at Intramuros, Manila. Imagine running (we’ve been warned that there’s some jumping involved as well) through the historic streets of the walled city, retracing the steps Rizal took in Fort Santiago, and soaking in our country’s culture and heritage. It’s the perfect race for trail newbies! You can still register at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street from August 30 to September 5.

city trail poster

I’m definitely looking forward to running and writing about this race. (Watch out for my race writeup in the October-December 2014 issue of Runner’s World.) See you in the trails! —A


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